I Was Marilyn Manson this Halloween….What do you think? 

Cards against Humanity, Plastic Surgery Junkie, Greaser, Lumberjack, 70's Pimp, Trap Queen, Hawkeye….just some of the costumes I saw this weekend during my band's list of shows.  I went as Marilyn Manson and thanks to some great makeup work, I was quite happy with my costume!  Thank you to everyone who came out to the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, MD on sat, it was a slammed house all night and was a great time.  

Me and Marilyn…..I know I know a stark change from my Singer/Songwriter look but I seriously… Read more

The Black Eyed Peas Ripped off Alicia Keys and No One Noticed! 

It's obvious that musicians influence each other more easily today with social media and digital downloading than in previous decades.  It seems like hardly anyone has noticed that it seems like the Black Eyed Peas have actually borrowed some of their material from Alicia Keys, and if they haven't I think that you will agree that this is one HELL of a coincidence. 
In 2001 Alicia Keys made a strong debut with her sultry R&B hit, Fallin’ that earned her two grammy awards. Im sure the second you hear it… Read more

This is What Happens When You Call John Mayer 

It is the summer of 2004.  I am a new resident of a quaint tourist town in the center of Maryland known as Annapolis.  One night while playing my acoustic guitar down at the Kunta Kinte memorial statue, I met a group of eccentric, music loving people that would soon become my best friends of nap-town.  One thing united us even more than our love of music and that was our love of John Mayer.  John Mayer was still up and coming and wasn't yet a household name.  

One night while at a raging party that included…Read more

The Hang Drum 

Resembling a small UFO crafted during the The “Byzantine Empire, the Hang Drum” is actually not a drum at all, it is simply called a “Hang” (pronounced “Hung” and meaning “hand").  It was created in late 1999 in Bern Switzerland (you know, the place that is home to the Large Hadron Collider, the worlds most advanced particle accelerator?) by two instrument builders named Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner from the company Panart.  
  The Hang is played by flicking the sides of the thumb over the different… Read more

Six Song Mash-up Provides Good Evidence All Country Sounds the Same 

A now viral video shows six different country hit songs mashed into one. The video's creator, Gregg Todd, made the mash-up to illustrate the similarities in popular country music, using pro-tools and a good ear.  Todd was quoted saying "It was the formula at work: a tight, mid-tempo backbeat; a quick, two-verse set-up, often laced with clever wordplay and bouncy, lyrical melody; and — bam — the power chorus to bring it all home and keep them coming back." Not only is the music in the songs almost identical…

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